ECA User Interface

All clients are managed through the ECA Web Console. You can access the ECA Web Console from any device using a compatible browser. The ECA Web Console is divided into main sections:

1.At the top of the ECA Web Console, you can use the Quick Search tool. Click the icon to select a search target:

oComputer Name, Description and IP Address - Type a Client name, Computer description, IPv4/IPv6 Address, or Group name and press Enter. You will be redirected to the Computers section where the results will be displayed.

oDetection Name - You will be redirected to the Detections section where the results will be displayed.

oUser Name - You can search for imported AD users, results will be displayed in the Computer Users section.

2.Click  the Quick Links button to view the menu:

Quick links

Set up Computers

Startup Wizard (Live installer)

Agent Installer (Linux)

SCCM/GPO script


Manage Computers

Create Client Task

Create New Policy

Assign Policy


Manage Licenses

Go To Business Account

Manage Access Rights

Manage Licenses


3.The menu on the left contains the main ECA sections and the following items:







oComputer Users


oSubmitted Files




oStatus Overview

4.Buttons on the bottom of the page are unique for each section and function, and are described in detail in their respective chapters.

General rules

Required (mandatory) settings are always marked with a red exclamation mark next to the section and the respective settings.

If you need help when working with ESET Cloud Administrator, click the information icon in the top right corner and click <Current topic> - Help. The respective help window for the current page will be displayed.