Create ECA Live Installer

The procedure of creating an all-in-one installer (including ESET Management Agent and an ESET product) package is similar to a Startup Wizard; however the all-in-one installer allows for advanced configuration options. These options include Policy settings for ESET Management Agent and ESET products, and the ability to select a Parent Group.

Follow the steps below to create an ECA Live Installer package:

1.Package Content - Select if you want:

oSecurity Product +Agent installer

oAgent only installer

oFull Disk Encryption - Encryption option is visible only with active ESET Full Disk Encryption license.

3.Check the check box Participate in product Improvement program if you want the installer to send telemetry data and crash reports to ESET.

You can configure Advanced settings or continue to the next step.

5.Click Continue to move to the deployment options.

6.You can deploy your installer in two main ways:

a)After you select Show Live Installer download link you can Copy the download link, distribute it to users and let them download and install the ECA Live Installer package. You can also Download the ECA Live Installer package and distribute it personally or upload it to a shared location for the users to access.

b)After you select Send Live Installer link via email you can use ECA SMTP server to deliver an email message to a specified users containing the installer download link. You can specify the users by filling in the Email Address field (and optionally a name). To add another field click +. To add multiple users at once, click on More and you can Import a CSV file or copy and paste the data from the clipboard.



Send Live Installer link via email function can be delivered only to an email address of the same email domain as the email address that was used to create the EBA and ECA.

7.Run the ECA Live Installer file on a client computer. For step-by-step instructions, see ECA Live Installer setup wizard.



After creation, ECA Live Installer will behave according to this table.