Remote deployment

Remote deployment can be performed via the ESET Remote Deployment tool. The tool enables users to execute an ECA Live Installer package created by ECA to deploy ESET Management Agent and ESET security products remotely. The Deployment Tool is executed under normal admin privileges.



For remote deployments, verify that all client computers have an internet connection.



ESET Management Agent comes pre-configured for proper connection to ESET Cloud Administrator, therefore only limited modifications to ESET Management Agent settings are available via ESET Management Agent Policy.



The ESET Remote Deployment Tool is dedicated to deploy ECA Live Installer to client computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To deploy the ECA Live Installer using this method, follow the steps below:

1.Download the Deployment Tool from ESET website.

2.Make sure all prerequisites are met.

3.Run the ESET Remote Deployment Tool on a client computer.

4.Select one of the following options to deploy ECA Live Installer:

Active Directory - You will need to provide credentials and connection information for an existing Active Directory.

Scan Network - You will need to provide IP ranges to scan computers in the network.

Import list - You will need to provide list of hostnames or IP addresses.

Add computers manually - You will need to provide list of hostnames or IP addresses manually.




If deployment fails, refer to the Troubleshooting chapter to learn what may have caused the failure.