Local deployment

This deployment method is intended for on-premise installations. Create or download an installation package and allow access to it via a shared folder, flash drive or email. The installer package must be installed by an Administrator or a user with Administrator privileges.

Navigate to the Installers section and select the desired installer package.


You can deploy your installer in two main ways:

a)After you select Show Live Installer download link you can Copy the download link, distribute it to users and let them download and install the ECA Live Installer package. You can also Download the ECA Live Installer package and distribute it personally or upload it to a shared location for the users to access.

b)After you select Send Live Installer link via email you can use ECA SMTP server to deliver an email message to a specified users containing the installer download link. You can specify the users by filling in the Email Address field (and optionally a name). To add another field click +. To add multiple users at once, click on More and you can Import a CSV file or copy and paste the data from the clipboard.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

Send Live Installer link via email function can be delivered only to an email address of the same email domain as the email address that was used to create the EBA and ECA.

Run the ECA Live Installer on a client device. ECA Live Installer will install the ESET Management Agent and the ESET Security product on the device and connect the device to ECA.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

ECA Live Installer must be installed by an Administrator or a user with Administrator privileges.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

ESET Management Agent comes pre-configured for proper connection to ESET Cloud Administrator, therefore only limited modifications to ESET Management Agent settings are available via ESET Management Agent Policy.