Getting started with ECA Web Console

ECA is out-of-the-box solution for managing ESET Security products in your small and medium business network. It represents a new approach, broadening the former ESET on-premise solution and introducing new, more flexible, cloud-based service, hosted and maintained by ESET.  

This solution offers immediate use and forgoes the installation and setup steps required by on-premise solutions. ECA is built to be easy to deploy and easy to use. This new cloud hosted service comes with a contemporary web-based administration console (ECA Web Console), that you can connect to from virtually any location and/or device with a proper internet connection.

The following sections detail ECA Web Console features and how to use it. You can create installers and deploy ESET Management Agent and ESET security products on client computers. After ESET Management Agent deployment, you can manage groups, create and assign policies and set up notifications and reports. Select a topic below to learn more:

Opening the ECA Web Console

Using the Startup Wizard

ECA Web Console