Differences between ESMC and ECA

ESET Cloud Administrator includes all of the key features and capabilities you know from ESET Security Management Center 7.0, but has been adjusted to fit the needs of small and medium businesses and redesigned as a cloud service.

The table below includes descriptions of the major differences between ESET Cloud Administrator  and ESMC version 7.0.

General difference

ESET Cloud Administrator

ESET Security Management Center 7.0


Runs in the ESET-maintained cloud environment

Runs on your physical or virtualized environment

Manageable devices limitation

5-250 client devices

Limitation depends on server HW limitations

Supported client OS

Windows and macOS

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS

Supported product versions

Business products version 6 and higher

Business products version 4 and higher



RD Sensor

Deployment Tool


RD Sensor

Deployment Tool



VAgentHost and ESET Virtualization Security are not available

VAgentHost and ESET Virtualization Security are available

Active Directory

Active Directory synchronization is not available

Active Directory synchronization is available

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is not available

Mobile device management is available via ESMC_MDM

Dynamic groups

Only default pre-defined dynamic groups are available. it is not possible to create new dynamic groups or to edit an existing Dynamic Group Template.

Default pre-defined dynamic groups are available. You can create new or edit existing Dynamic groups and Dynamic Group Templates.


Only pre-fabricated notifications are available. You can edit the list of recipients of an existing notification in a simplified wizard.

Notification delivery is available by email only.

You can edit existing notifications or create new ones. You can set the target groups for a notification, define settings for when notifications are triggered and edit the content of the notification message. Distribution is available by email, syslog or SNMP trap.


Certificate management is handled by ESET

User can create, edit or import/export Certificates and Certification Authorities

Access rights

Access rights model was simplified (read, write,no access) and Access Rights Management was moved to ESET Business Account.

Advanced multi-tenant access rights security model that is manageable from the ERA interface

License management

License management was fully moved from ESMC and ELA to EBA

License management is partially in ESMC and partially in ELA

How to add computer to ECA

Computers can be added to ECA only by ECA Live Installer and GPO and SCCM installer script. You can use the Deployment Tool for mass deployment of ECA Live Installer.

Computers can be added via AD sync, from an RD sensor report, using GPO and SCCM installer scripts, manually by adding a new device with the addition of an Agent Deployment task, or by installing Agent locally.