Manage Policies

Policies are grouped/categorized by ESET product. Built-in policies contain predefined policies and custom policies list categories of all the policies you have manually created or modified.

Actions available for policies:

details_default Show Details

Show policy details.

add_new_default New

Create a new policy.

icon_tags Tags

Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

edit_default Edit

Modify an existing policy.

duplicate_default Duplicate

Create a new policy based on an existing policy you have selected. Duplicate policy requires a new name.

edit_default Change Assignments

Assign a policy to a group or a client.

delete_default Delete

Delete a policy. See also policy removal rules.

import_default Import

Click Policies > Import, click Choose File and browse for the file you want to import. To select multiple policies, see Modes below. You can import only a .dat file that contains the policies exported from ECA Web Console. You cannot import an .xml file that contains the policies exported from ESET security product.

icon_export Export

Select a policy you want to export from the list and click Policies > Export. The policy will be exported to a .dat file. To export multiple policies, change the select mode (see Modes below).