Manage Policies

Policies are grouped/categorized by ESET product. Clickicon_expandto expand a category and see available policies. Built-in policies contain predefined policies and custom policies list categories of all the policies you have manually created or modified.

Actions available for policies:

add_new_default New

Create a new policy.

edit_default Edit

Modify an existing policy.

duplicate_default Duplicate

Create a new policy based on an existing policy you have selected. Duplicate policy requires a new name.

edit_default Change Assignment

Assign a policy to a group or a client.

delete_default Delete

Delete a policy. See also policy removal rules.

import_default Import

Click Policies > Import, click Choose File and browse for the file you want to import. To select multiple policies, see Modes below. You can import only a .dat file that contains the policies exported from ECA Web Console. You cannot import an .xml file that contains the policies exported from ESET security product.

icon_export Export

Select a policy you want to export from the list and click Policies > Export. The policy will be exported to a .dat file. To export multiple policies, change the select mode (see Modes below).

You can use Modes to change the select mode (Single or Multiple). Click the modes arrow in upper right corner and choose from the context menu:

singleselect_default Single select mode - you can select one item.

icon_multiselect_default Multiple select mode - you can use the check boxes to select multiple items.

update_default Refresh - reloads/refreshes displayed information.

icon_expand Expand All - Lets you display all information.

icon_collapse Collapse All - Lets you hide all information.