Dynamic Groups

Dynamic Groups can be thought of as custom filters. The Agent decides on its own which Dynamic Groups a client belongs to and assigns them in ECA.



If a client device is not connected (for example, it is turned off), its position in dynamic groups is not updated. After the device is connected again, its position in dynamic groups will be updated.

There are ten pre-defined Dynamic Groups available after you have created ECA.

Windows computers - all devices with Windows operating system.

Windows  (desktop) - all devices with Windows desktop operating system.

Windows (servers) - all devices with Windows server operating system.

Linux computers - all devices with Linux operating system.

Mac computers - all devices with OS X operating system.

Computers with outdated modules - all devices with outdated security product modules.  

Computers with outdated operating system - all devices with outdated operating system.

Problematic computers - all devices with validation-status-icon-warning warning or validation-status-icon-error error status.

Not activated security products - all devices with not activated security product.

No manageable security product - all devices with ESET product that is not possible to manage directly from ESET Cloud Administrator.

You can use Dynamic Groups in other parts of ECA. It is possible to assign policies to them or prepare a task for all computers in a group.