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Users can view and modify their profile information by clicking the profile icon eba_icon_profile or their name in the top bar of the ESET Business Account (EBA) portal.

The Profile screen allows you to:

change your personal information: Email address, Phone number, Password, and Time zone

set the Language of EBA portal, ESET PROTECT portal and ESET Cloud Office Security Web Console

turn on/off Two-factor authentication

resend backup codes if Two-factor authentication is enabled

modify the time of Password expiration and Idle session timeout

Forget all remembered devices

Password expiration

The maximum time for password expiration is 365 days, which is also the default value for the initial EBA portal user. Additional users have 90 days set by default.

Idle session timeout

The maximum idle time after which the user is automatically logged out is 1440 minutes. The default value is 30 minutes.


Save your changes

To apply the changes you made, click Save before leaving the Profile screen.