Following instructions may help you to resolve common ESET SysRescue Live issues.

I cannot run ESET SysRescue Live from my removable media

For ESET SysRescue Live to function properly, your computer must allow booting from removable media. You can modify boot priority settings in the BIOS, which is usually accessed by pressing one of the function keys (F8-F12) or the ESC key during startup. Instructions for accessing the BIOS are typically displayed on-screen during startup.

Unable to perform a virus signature database update

If an update fails, check the internet connection in the Network Connection settings located in the Preferences menu at the bottom left of the screen.

I do not know my username or password

Since ESET SysRescue is a free tool, a username and password are not required for automatic updates of the virus signature database.

ESET SysRescue window does not start after booting up

ESET SysRescue window should start automatically under normal circumstances. If not, try to run the ESET SysRescue GUI manually using Root Terminal.

1.Click system menu system_menu_button in the bottom left corner.

2.Navigate to Accessories and select Root Terminal.

3.Run the following commands in the console:

killall esets_gui


I cannot scan a partition on my hard disk

The complete list of supported filesystems by ESET SysRescue Live can be found in the following folder:

/lib/modules/$(uname –r)/kernel/fs

Click icon_support ESET Support on your Desktop, or visit our Knowledgebase if you still cannot resolve your issue.