Install ESET PROTECT Server

ESET PROTECT component structure

To manage small to medium-sized networks (1,000 clients or less), a single machine with ESET PROTECT Server and all its components (supplied web server, database, etc.) installed on it is usually sufficient. You can think of it as a single server or standalone installation. All managed clients are connected directly to the ESET PROTECT Server via ESET Management Agent. The administrator can connect to the ESET PROTECT Web Console via web browser from any computer on the network or run the Web Console directly from the ESET PROTECT Server.



ESET PROTECT installers are available in different formats to support different install methods:

We recommend the All-in-one installer for small deployments on Windows.

If you use a hypervisor, we recommend that you deploy a pre-configured ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance (running on CentOS Linux). Its deployment is quick and easier than installation on Windows.



If you are upgrading from a previous version of ESET PROTECT, ESMC 7 or ERA 6, follow these instructions.