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Upgrade procedures

There are different ways to upgrade your ESET PROTECT Server and other ESET PROTECT components. See also migration and reinstallation procedures.


Make sure that you have a supported operating system before upgrading to ESET PROTECT 9.1.

If you have an earlier unsupported database installed (MySQL 5.5 or Microsoft SQL 2008/2012), upgrade your database to a compatible database version before upgrading the ESET PROTECT Server.

Upgrade from ERA 5 or 6.5

The direct upgrade is not supported - see Migration from ERA 5.x or Upgrade from ERA 6.x.

Upgrade from ESMC 7.0 or 7.1

The direct upgrade is not supported - see Upgrade from ESMC 7.0 or 7.1.

Upgrade from ESMC 7.2 or an earlier ESET PROTECT version to ESET PROTECT 9.1

Select one of the upgrade procedures:

Upgrade procedure

Operating system


Components Upgrade task in the Web Console



ESET PROTECT 9.1 All-in-one installer


All-in-one installer is the recommended upgrade option if the existing installation was performed via the All-in-one installer (you have default installations of the Microsoft SQL database and Apache Tomcat).

Manual component-based upgrade


Linux instructions for advanced users.

Upgrade ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance

Linux (Virtual Appliance)



To look up what version of each ESET PROTECT component you are running, verify your ESET PROTECT Server version. Navigate to the About page in the ESET PROTECT Web Console, and see the list of all ESET PROTECT component versions.