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DNS Service Record

To set up a DNS Resource Record:

1.On your DNS Server (DNS server on your Domain controller), navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

2.Select the DNS value.

3.In the DNS Manager, select _tcp from the tree and create a new Service location (SRV) record.

4.Type the service name in the Service field according to DNS standard rules, type an underscore ( _ ) in front of the service name (use your own service name, for example _era).

5.Type the tcp protocol in the Protocol field in the following format: _tcp.

6.Type the port 2222 in the Port number field.

7.Type the ESET PROTECT Server fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the Host offering this service field.

8.Click OK > Done to save the record. The record will be displayed in the list.

To verify the DNS record:

1.Log into any computer in your domain and open a command prompt (cmd.exe).

2.Type nslookup into the command prompt and press Enter.

3.Type set querytype=srv and press Enter.

4.Type and press Enter. The service location is displayed correctly.



Do not forget to change the "Host offering this service:" value to the FQDN of your new server when you install ESET PROTECT Server on a different machine.