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HTTP Proxy

What is HTTP Proxy and how can it be useful?

HTTP Proxy is forwarding communication from Agents to ESET PROTECT Server in environments where Agent machines cannot reach the Server.

How does the Proxy work in ESET PROTECT?

ESET PROTECT 9 uses a customized version of Apache HTTP Proxy as the Proxy component. After a proper configuration, Apache HTTP Proxy can act as a Proxy for ESET Management Agents. The Proxy does not cache or open the communication; it only forwards it.

Can I use a Proxy other than the Apache HTTP Proxy?

Any proxy solution which fulfills the following conditions can be used with ESET Management Agent:

can forward SSL communication


does not use a username and password

How is the new communication protocol different?

The ESET PROTECT Server communicates with ESET Management Agents via gRPC protocol. The communication uses TLS and HTTP2 so it can go through Proxy servers. There are also new self-recovery features and a persistent connection which improves overall communication performance.

What is the effect on performance?

Using HTTP Proxy has no significant impact on performance.

When should I use the Proxy?

We recommend that you use a Proxy if your infrastructure meets one or more of the following conditions:

If your Agent machines cannot directly connect to the ESET PROTECT Server.

If you have a remote location or branch office and want to use Proxy to handle communication:

obetween ESET PROTECT Server and Proxy

obetween Proxy and client computers in a remote location

How to set up the HTTP Proxy

To use the proxy, HTTP Proxy hostname must be set up in the Agent policy (Advanced settings > HTTP Proxy). You can use different proxies for caching and forwarding; see the policy settings below:

Global Proxy - you will use a single proxy solution for both caching downloads and for forwarding Agent communication.

Different Proxy Per Service - you will use separate proxy solutions for caching and for forwarding communication.


What are other functions of Apache HTTP Proxy?