Upgrade ESMC/ESET PROTECT installed in Failover Cluster on Linux

If you have ESET PROTECT Server installed in a Failover Cluster environment on Linux and want to upgrade the installation to the latest ESET PROTECT, proceed with the steps below.

1.Disable EraService in Conga (Cluster Administration GUI) under Service groups and ensure that Agent and Server are stopped on both nodes.

2.Upgrade ESMC/ESET PROTECT Server on node1 by performing the following steps:

a)Mount the shared storage to this node.

b)Upgrade the Server component manually to latest version by executing the server installation script server-linux-x86_64.sh as root or sudo.

c)Replace the old cluster script located at /usr/share/cluster/eracluster_server.sh with the new one found in /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/setup/eracluster_server. Do not change the filename of eracluster_server.sh.

d)Stop the ESET PROTECT Server service (stop eraserver) after the upgrade.

e)Disable ESET PROTECT Server autostart by renaming the following files:

i.mv /etc/init/eraserver.conf /etc/init/eraserver.conf.disabled

ii.mv /etc/init/eraserver-xvfb.conf /etc/init/eraserver-xvfb.conf.disabled

f)Unmount the shared storage from this node.

3.Repeat these steps to upgrade ESMC/ESET PROTECT Server on node2.

4.Start EraService in Conga (Cluster Administration GUI) under Service groups.

5.Upgrade Agent on all cluster nodes.

6.Check ESET PROTECT Web Console to see if all nodes are connecting and show as the latest version.