Database Server Upgrade

Follow the instructions below to upgrade an existing Microsoft SQL Server instance to a newer version for use with ESET PROTECT Server database:

1.Stop all running ESMC/ESET PROTECT Server services connecting to the database server that you will be upgrading. Additionally, stop any other applications that might be connecting to your Microsoft SQL Server instance.

2.Back up all relevant databases safely before proceeding.

3.Perform the database server upgrade:

Upgrade SQL Server (Windows):

Follow the Knowledgebase article for upgrading MS SQL Express database to the latest version.

Alternatively, follow the database vendor's instructions:

MS SQL Server on Linux is not supported. However, you can connect the ESET PROTECT Server on Linux to MS SQL Server on Windows.

Upgrade MySQL Server (Windows and Linux):

Upgrade from MySQL 5.6 to version 5.7

Upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to version 8

4.Start ESET PROTECT Server service and check trace logs to verify the database connection is working correctly.