Ports used

ESET PROTECT Server can be installed on the same computer as the database, ESET PROTECT Web Console and Apache HTTP Proxy. The diagram below shows the separated installation and the used ports:


The tables below list all possible network communication ports used when ESET PROTECT and its components are installed in your infrastructure. Other communication occurs via the native operating system processes (for example NetBIOS over TCP/IP).

hmtoggle_plus0Client (ESET Management Agent) or Apache HTTP Proxy machine
hmtoggle_plus0ESET PROTECT Web Console machine (if not the same as ESET PROTECT Server machine)
hmtoggle_plus0ESET PROTECT Server machine
hmtoggle_plus0ESET PROTECT MDC machine
hmtoggle_plus0MDM managed device

* The GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)  service is deprecated and was removed as of April 11, 2019. It was replaced by FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). MDM v7 replaced the GCM service with the FCM service by this date at which point you only need to allow communication for the FCM service.

The pre-defined ports 2222, 2223 can be changed if necessary.



For the proper function of the ESET PROTECT, none of the ports above can be used by other applications.

Make sure to configure any firewall(s) within your network to allow communication via the ports listed above.