In this section you can configure some Servers modules:

Apache Webserver - is one of the most complex and powerful Webmin modules as it allows you to configure almost every feature of Apache. You can use it as an HTTP server to serve installation files or updates. You need to configure Firewall by adding rules to enable respective ports.


This is not the same as Apache Webserver for ESET PROTECT Web Console, but you can use this Apache Webserver for any other purpose if required.

ESET PROTECT - this module lets you Run diagnostic tool, Reset ESET PROTECT Server Administrator password, Repair ESET PROTECT Server certificate and Certification Authority, Repair ESET Management Agent certificate and Certification Authority, Repair ESET Management Agent connection or Edit Apache Tomcat server.xml to change Web Console HTTPS certificates and cipher algorithms.

MySQL Database Server - allows you to manage user permissions, change password or view database content.


Do not use MySQL Database Server to backup or restore the ESET PROTECT database, use ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance Management Console. See Backup database for details.

Samba Windows File Sharing - allows you to specify directories to be shared to Windows clients using the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. You can configure Samba to make files on your ESET PROTECT VA available to Windows clients if necessary. You can also configure and join a Windows domain. If shares are enabled, Samba ports need to be enabled in the firewall.

SSH Server - this module is used to configure SSH and OpenSSH servers, and assumes that you have a basic knowledge of the client programs as a user. You can configure SSH Server and clients on your system.