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You do not need to change networking settings most of the time, but if it is required, you can do so in Networking category. In this section you can configure some of the useful modules:

Kerberos5 configuration - You need to have Kerberos tickets configured correctly in order for AD synchronization. You can run Rejoin domain after Kerberos tickets are configured.

Linux Firewall - Firewall based on IPtables. If you need to allow ports, you can do so here by adding rules or edit existing rules.

Network configuration - you can configure network adapter, change IP address, hostname, DNS and other network settings.


When you are finished with configuration, press Apply Configuration button in order for the changes to take place.


This is for advanced administrators only. If the network configuration is incorrect, it may make your system inaccessible via the network and cut off access to Webmin. However, you'll still be able to access ESET PROTECT VA Management Console via the Virtual Machine's terminal window.