How to change port numbers for ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance

To change port number(s), do the following changes for relevant ESET PROTECT component:

ESET PROTECT Web Console port (default 8443)

1.Open Webmin.

2.Navigate to Servers > ESET PROTECT > click Edit Apache Tomcat server.xml

3.Edit the line <Connector port="8443" to include the custom port and click Save and Close.

4.Open the file:

sudo nano /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/era/WEB-INF/classes/sk/eset/era/g2webconsole/server/modules/config/

5.Edit the line server_port= to include the custom port and save the changes.

6.Restart the Tomcat service: systemctl restart tomcat

ESET PROTECT Server ports (default 2222, 2223) - log into ESET PROTECT Web Console, navigate to More > Settings > Connection and change as needed.


If you've changed any of the ports above, you need to modify Firewall settings as well. Open Webmin, navigate to Networking > Linux Firewall and change port numbers in existing rules. Alternatively, you can add new rules.