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In this section you can configure some System modules.

Bootup and Shutdown—Manage services, modify, Start/Stop/Restart each service or multiple services at the same time. You can also create and edit scripts that run at bootup and shutdown, etc. You can Reboot or Shutdown the ESET PROTECT VM using the buttons at the bottom of the page.


Change Passwords—Change VM's operating system user's passwords.


Do not use this when you want to change password to ESET PROTECT VA or to ESET PROTECT database, use Change VM password or Change database password from within ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance Management Console.

Running Processes—Manage all Running processes on your system using Webmin. This module can be used to view, kill, re-prioritize and run processes on your system.

Software Package Updates—Shows you available updates and allows you to update all or selected packages.

System Logs—View log files on your system and, if necessary, change the location where log messages are recorded.