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Enable YUM command under HTTP Proxy server

If you have a local network that uses a proxy server as an intermediary for internet access, the yum command may not be configured properly and might not work.

To configure yum to work with the proxy:

1.Log in to the management mode by typing your password and pressing Enter twice. Select Exit to terminal using the arrow keys and then press Enter.

nano /etc/yum.conf

3.Add a line with information about your proxy. For example:

4.If the proxy requires username and password, add these settings. For example:

5.Press Ctrl+X and y to save the changes.


The /etc/yum.conf file is readable for all users and allows them to work with the yum command. As a result, other users can read your proxy password. Do not use the same password anywhere else.

For more information, read the official vendor's documentation.