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New features in ESET PROTECT

Product tour

We've added a new product tour to help you quickly navigate our solution and speed up the onboarding process. Learn more

Changes to product names

ESET Enterprise Inspector was renamed ESET Inspect, and ESET Dynamic Threat Defense was renamed ESET LiveGuard Advanced. You can find more information in this article.

Improved reboots

With the latest version of ESET Endpoint Security for Windows (9.1), we've reworked reboots and introduced new options. You can now set up reboots in a way that the end users can postpone them. Learn more

Easier deployment

We've reworked the installer creation wizard to be more intuitive. In the Software Install task, you can now use the special parameter "latest" that ensures the created installer always installs the latest product version when launched. Learn more

Native ARM support for macOS

With the latest version of ESET Management Agent and ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS (v7), we're bringing native ARM support. Learn more

Support for third-party 2FA apps

We've added support for third-party 2FA apps that support the required TOTP protocol, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy. Learn more

Advanced Filters

We're introducing a new concept of data filtering that will help you easily filter relevant devices in larger environments, but not only there. You'll always have a statistical overview of how many devices with specific attributes you have in your network, and you'll know how many results you'll get before you click the filter. You can now try the new filtering options in the Computers section. Learn More

Better communication of auto-updates

We've added a new blue section to the Component version status in the Status overview dashboard to help you easily identify endpoints with enabled auto-updates that are waiting for updates but can also be updated manually in advance. Learn More

List of outdated components

ESET PROTECT now detects outdated components, displays a list of outdated components to the console administrator and provides instructions on how to upgrade them. Learn more

Web control for MDM

We are backporting web control functionality from Cloud MDM into the on-premises variant. The administrator can limit employees' access to various content categories or specific internet links.

Other improvements and usability changes

You can find more details in the changelog.