Update third-party components

In addition to ESET components, ESET PROTECT uses third-party components that may become outdated and require a manual update.

In the ESET PROTECT Web Console, click Quick Links > Outdated Components to see the outdated third-party components.

ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance does not report outdated third-party components.

ESET PROTECT reports versions earlier than those listed below as outdated:

Third-party component:


Microsoft SQL Server

2019 (build 15.0.4223.0)1


Operating system2

Windows Server 2016

Apache Tomcat




1 Determine your version and edition of SQL Server Database Engine and install the latest cumulative update.

2 ESET PROTECT does not report an outdated Linux operating system.

Follow the update instructions for third-party components:

Database server

Operating system

Apache Tomcat

Java Runtime Environment

Apache HTTP Proxy