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MSP Status overview

The Status overview section provides complex information about your ESET PROTECT status. If you import an MSP account, there is an MSP tile available with MSP-related information.

MSP statuses

Account synchronized

Your account is synchronized and no action is needed.


Ongoing synchronization

There is ongoing synchronization of MSP account running in the background. The synchronization can take up to several hours for large accounts. The tile turns white after the synchronization.


Disconnected account

There are some MSP groups (parts of MSP tree) in your Static groups structure, but there is no corresponding MSP account imported. This can occur if you remove your MSP account from License Management.


Available actions

Click the MSP tile to see more details.

Check for new MSP customers - Run on-demand license synchronization (update the MSP tree).



New clients - If you have some not set companies, you can click them and follow the customer Setup Wizard.

Skip setup for all new MSP customers - Skip setup wizards for all companies that are not set.


Connect MSP Administrator - You can add your MSP account to import your MSP licenses and structure.