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MSP Licenses

Eligible accounts

To enable the MSP features in ESET PROTECT 9.1 you need to import your MSP account in ESET PROTECT License Management. You can import following types of EMA 2 accounts: MSP, Managed MSP and MSP Manager. Any account needs to have at least read permission to at least one company, which can be its parent company or one customer. Access to the parent company is not required. The distributor account cannot be imported.

Information on licenses and companies

Licenses imported from your MSP account are tagged with the company name. If the company is renamed later, the tags are not renamed automatically. You can edit them manually.

All licenses are imported in a way compatible with the ESET PROTECT security model. Each user created using the MSP Customer setup can only see and use their licenses.

If there is a company in your MSP structure which has no licenses by the time of synchronization, that company is synchronized only to the computer MSP Tree, not to the MSP Tree inside License Management.

If you add a new company in ESET MSP Administrator 2, ESET PROTECT adds the company to the MSP tree after the next license synchronization.

Licenses from ESET MSP Administrator 2 are divided into one pool for each company. You cannot move a license out of the pool.

You can find company names and sites in the License User column in the License Management. You can use the License User data when creating a report.

If you have licenses both in ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator 2 under the same credentials, ESET PROTECT synchronizes all licenses from both accounts. All ESET Business Account licenses are saved in multiple license pools. Licenses from ESET MSP Administrator 2 are divided into one pool for each company. Since version 8.0 the ESET PROTECT supports ESET Business Account Sites for splitting licenses.

When removing any license pool, you automatically remove all other license pools associated with the same account. Read more about how to remove a company.



On-demand synchronization

The ESET PROTECT Server synchronizes with the license servers once a day. If you have made changes in your MSP account and you want to update the license screen and MSP tree, navigate to License Management > Actions and click Synchronize Licenses.