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Create a custom MSP user

You can create native Web Console users to manage customers, for example, for an MSP or a reseller.

1.You need to have the MSP company created in EMA 2.

2.Verify that the MSP company is synchronized in the MSP tree.

3.Create a native user. Critical settings for a custom MSP user are:

a.The Home Group of the user is set to the corresponding MSP static group.

b.Create and assign following permission sets to the user:

i.Write permissions for the Home group.

ii.Use or Write permissions for the Shared Objects groups.



The top Shared Objects group contains the MSP CA. The access to the MSP CA is necessary for the user to create an installer.

The access scheme for a custom MSP user.

The access scheme for a custom MSP user.

Custom MSP user created using these steps is eligible to manage customer devices and create installers, however, the user cannot manage ESET PROTECT Server or import licenses.