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Agent deployment - macOS

1.Download the Agent installer script to the client computer.

2.Double-click PROTECTAgentInstaller.tar.gz to extract the file to your Desktop.

3.Click Go > Utilities and then double-click Terminal to open a new Terminal window.

4.In the new Terminal window, type the following commands:

cd Desktop

sudo bash

5.When prompted, type the user account password and press Return to continue the installation.

6.Verify that the Agent is running: Click Go > Utilities and then double-click Activity Monitor. Click the Energy tab or the CPU tab and locate the process called ERAAgent.

7.Allow system extensions for your ESET product for macOS.

8.Enable Full disk access:


a)Download the .plist configuration file.

b)Generate two UUIDs with a UUID generator of your choice and use a text editor to replace strings with the text. Insert your UUID 1 and UUID 2 in the downloaded configuration profile.

c)Deploy the .plist configuration profile file using the MDM server. Your computer needs to be enrolled in the MDM server to deploy configuration profiles to computers.


a)Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy.

b)Unlock the settings in the lower-left corner.

c)Click Full Disk Access.

d)Click + > Application > ESET > Open and add the ESET Management Agent and the ESET security product to the application list in the Full Disk Access folder.

e)Lock the settings in the lower-left corner.

9.The computer with the installed Agent will appear in your ESET PROTECT Web Console, and you can manage it using ESET PROTECT.


A native ARM64 ESET Management Agent (version 9.1 and later) will get installed on ARM64 macOS systems.

ESET PROTECT 9.1 supports the automatic upgrade of ESET Management Agents on managed computers.