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Detection Preview

In Detections, click a detection name to display the Detection preview side panel on the right side. The Detection preview side panel contains the most important information about the selected detection.

Detection preview manipulation:

details_defaultShow Details - Open Detection Details.

icon_apply_later_defaultNext - Show the next device in the Detection preview side panel.

icon_apply_sooner_defaultPrevious - Show the previous device in the Detection preview side panel.

gear_iconManage content for Detection Details - You can manage which sections of the Detection preview side panel are displayed and in what order.

remove_defaultClose - Close the Detection preview side panel.


Detection Details

There are two sections in Detection Details:

Overview - The Overview section contains the basic information about the detection. From this section, you can manage the detection with various actions (available actions depend on detection category), or go to computer details to see details about the computer where the detection occurred.

Occurrences - The Occurrences section is active only when the detection is aggregated and provides the list of individual occurrences of the detection. You can mark all occurrences of the same detection as resolved/unresolved.