User settings

In this section, you can customize your user settings. Click User account at the top right corner of the ESET PROTECT Web Console (to the left of the Logout button) to display all active users. You can be logged into ESET PROTECT Web Console from different web browsers, computers or mobile devices at the same time. You will see all your sessions here.


User settings only apply to the user who is currently logged on. Each user can have their own preferred time settings for ESET PROTECT Web Console. User-specific time settings are applied to each user regardless of where they access ESET PROTECT Web Console.

Time Settings

All information is stored internally in ESET PROTECT using the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) standard. UTC time is automatically converted to the time zone used by ESET PROTECT Web Console (taking daylight saving into account). ESET PROTECT Web Console displays the local time of the system where ESET PROTECT Web Console is running (not the internal UTC time). You can override this setting to set the time shown in ESET PROTECT Web Console manually.

If you want to override the default Use Browser Local Time setting, you can choose the Select manually option, then specify the console time zone manually and decide whether to use daylight saving time or not.



In some cases, the option to use a different time zone will be made available. When configuring a trigger, ESET PROTECT Web Console time zone is used by default. Alternatively, you can select the check box Use Server Local Time to use local time zone on server instead of ESET PROTECT Console time zone for the trigger.


Click Save Time Settings to confirm your changes.

Stored User State

You can reset a stored user's UI state to default by clicking Reset Stored User State. This includes Startup Wizard, table column sizes, remembered filters, pinned side menu, etc.


Active sessions

Information about all active sessions of the current user contain:

IP address of a client computer or a device from which a user is connected to ESET PROTECT Web Console. The IP address of a web server that runs ESET PROTECT Web Console is displayed in brackets. In case ESET PROTECT Web Console is running on the same machine as ESET PROTECT Server, via is displayed.

Date and time when a user logged in.

Selected language for ESET PROTECT Web Console.


The current session is labeled This session. If you want to disconnect an active session, click Disconnect.