Individual enrollment via link or QR code

When enrolling a mobile device using an enrollment link or QR code, you will need physical access to the device. Also, in order to use the QR code, you will need to have QR code Reader/Scanner application installed on the mobile device.


For large numbers of mobile devices, we recommend you to use Enrollment via email.

1.To add a new mobile device, go to Computers section or More > Groups. Select Static Group that you want to add mobile device to and click Add new > Mobile devices > Individual enrollment via link or QR code.


2.Device name - type the Name of the mobile device (this name will be shown in the list of Computers), optionally enter a Description.

3.User (optional) -  we recommend you to assign a user with mobile device, it is required for iOS devices, but optional for Android.

4.Mobile Device Connector - will automatically be selected. If you have more than one MDC, choose from the list by clicking the FQDN. If you do not have Mobile Device Connector installed yet, refer to the Mobile Device Connector installation - Windows or Linux chapters for installation instructions.

5.License (optional) - click Select and choose license that will be used for activation. A Product Activation Client Task will be created for the mobile device. A license unit will be taken (one per each mobile device).

6.Parent group - if you do not have a specific Static group for mobile devices, we recommend you to create a New Static Group (called Mobile Devices for example ). If you already have an existing group, click the /All, a pop-up window will open where you can choose the Static group.

7.Select the check box I accept the terms of the application End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. See End User License Agreement (EULA), Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for ESET products for more information.

8.After you click Next, the enrollment Link (URL) and QR code will be displayed. Type the whole URL into the mobile device's web browser manually (for example https://eramdm:9980/token, the token will be different for each mobile device), or send this URL to the mobile device by other means. Alternatively, you can use provided QR Code, which might be more convenient than typing the URL, but requires QR code Reader/Scanner on the mobile device.


9.To add another mobile device, click Enroll Another. A new Add mobile device page will open which remembers previous selections in the General section, you will only need to enter Device name and assign a User, click Next and follow instructions in step 7. Once you have completed generating enrollment URLs and QR codes, click Close to return to the previous window.

10. To perform the actual enrollment of the mobile devices, follow these step-by-step instructions:

oDevice Enrollment Android

oDevice Enrollment iOS