Manage Notifications

Notifications are managed in the Notifications section. You can perform the following actions:

Click New Notification to create a new notification.

Click an existing notification and select an action from the drop-down menu:

details_defaultShow Details

Show notification details, including its configuration, and distribution settings. Click See message preview to see notification preview.

audit_log Audit Log

View the Audit Log for the selected item.

icon_tags Tags

Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

icon_enable Enable / icon_disable Disable

Change the status of the notification. Disabled notification is not evaluated. All notifications are set to Disabled by default.

edit_default Edit

Configure the settings and distribution of the notification.

duplicate_default Duplicate

Create a duplicate notification in your home group.

delete_default Delete

Remove the notification.

move_default Access Group > move_default Move

Move a notification to another static group.

New Notification

Configure your SMTP server, if you want to send notifications via email.


Enter a Name and Description for your notification to make it easier to filter between different notifications.

If you are editing an enabled notification and you want to disable the notification, click the slider enabled and its status will change to Disabled disabled .



There are three basic types of events that can trigger a notification. Each type of event provides different options in the Settings section. Select one of following event types:

Events on managed computers or groups

Server status changes

Dynamic group changes

Advanced settings - Throttling

Throttling allows you to set up advanced rules that determine when a notification is triggered. See throttling for more information.


Configure the distribution settings for notifications.