Events on managed computers or groups

This option is used for notifications not associated with a Dynamic Group, but based on system events filtered out from the event log. Select a log category on which the notification will be based and a logical operator for filters.


Category  - Choose from the following event categories:

Firewall detection

Antivirus detection



Enterprise Inspector alerts

Blocked Files

Computer first connected

Computer identity recovered

Computer cloning question created

New MSP customer found

According to the selected category, there is a list of available events under Settings > Filter By. Values in filters are compared directly with the events sent by the clients. There is no definite list of available values.

Monitored static group - Select a static group with devices which will be monitored.


Under Settings, select an Operator and values for the filter (Filter By). Only one operator can be selected and all values will be evaluated together using that operator. Click Add Filter to add a new value for the filter.