Enrollment via email

This method is ideal for mass enrollment of mobile devices. You can send an enrollment link to any number of devices via email. Each mobile device will receive a unique one-time token based on the email address.



It is mandatory to configure an SMTP server for mass enrollment via email. Go to Server Settings, expand Advanced Settings and specify the SMTP server details.

1.To add new mobile devices, go to the Computers section or More > Groups. Select the Static Group that you want to add mobile devices to and click Add new > Mobile devices > Enrollment via email.


2.Mobile Device Connector will be automatically selected. If you have more than one MDC, select the FQDN of the MDC you want to use. If you do not have Mobile Device Connector installed yet, refer to the Mobile Device Connector installation - Windows or Linux chapters for installation instructions.

3.License (optional) - Click Select and choose the license that will be used for activation. A Product Activation Client Task will be created for the mobile device. A license unit will be taken (one per each mobile device).

4.Parent group - If you do not have a specific Static group for mobile devices, we recommend that you create a New Static Group (called Mobile Devices, for example). If you already have an existing group, click /All/, a pop-up window will open where you can choose the Static group.

5.List of Devices - Specify mobile devices for enrollment, you can use the following functions to add mobile devices:

Add device - Single entry, you must manually type an email address associated with the mobile device that the enrollment email will be sent to. If you assign a user to the mobile device by clicking Pair and selecting the user, the email address is overwritten with the one specified in More > Computer Users screen. If you want to add another mobile device, click Add device again and submit the required information.

Add User - You can add devices by selecting the appropriate user check boxes listed in More > Computer Users. Click Unpair to make corrections to the list of mobile devices for enrollment. When you have unpaired an assigned user, that user will be noted as not paired. Click Pair to select the desired user for an unpaired device. Click the Trash can icon to delete an entry.

Import CSV - A method that makes it easy to add a large number of mobile devices. Upload a .csv file containing a list of devices to add, see Import CSV for more details.

Copy & Paste - Import a custom list of addresses separated with custom delimiters (this feature works similarly to CSV import).



We recommend that you assign at least one user to a mobile device. If you want to use personalized policies on iOS a user must be assigned to a device.

We recommend that you specify a Device name in each entry when using the Import CSV method. This is the device name shown in the Computers section. If you leave the Device name field empty, email address will be used instead and appear as Device name in Computers and Groups. This may cause some confusion, especially in the event you use the same email address to enroll multiple devices. This email address will appear multiple times and prevent you from being able to distinguish between the devices.

6. Select the check box I accept the terms of the application End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. See EULA for more information.

7.Enrollment email message - a pre-defined message template contains details that are usually sufficient, but you can customize Subject and Content by including more information for your users. Instructions are shown below the Content in the enrollment email and will contain a Device name (or an email address) with an enrollment link (URL). If you use one email address to enroll multiple mobile devices, a list of devices are shown, each with its own enrollment link (URL) assigned. There are also instructions that mobile device (iOS and Android) users must perform in order to complete enrollment.

8.When you click Enroll, an email will be sent to each email address with the appropriate enrollment link(s) and instructions.

9.To complete mobile device enrollment, follow these steps or ask the users/owners of the mobile devices to perform the steps:

Device Enrollment Android

Device Enrollment iOS