Create Agent Live Installer - Windows/Linux/macOS

This type of Agent deployment is useful when the remote and local deployment options do not work in your environment. In such cases, you can distribute the Agent Live Installer via email and let the user deploy it. You can also run the Agent Live Installer from removable media (a USB flash drive, for example).



The client machine needs to have an internet connection to download the Agent installation package.

Make sure that the client machine has an internet connection and can connect to the ESET PROTECT Server.

In the Quick Links section of the menu bar, click Other Deployment Options. In the Deploy Agent window, click Create installer button under Create Agent Live Installer. The Agent Live installers window will open.

hmtoggle_plus0        Package creation

hmtoggle_plus0        Deployment from custom remote location

hmtoggle_plus0        Deployment from local shared folder