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MDM Migration Tool

The following steps will help you migrate Mobile devices from ESET PROTECT (on-premises) to the ESET PROTECT Cloud environment:



Working ESET PROTECT (on-premises) environment with Mobile Device Management component

Working ESET PROTECT Cloud environment

ESET PROTECT Cloud account with superuser privileges



This migration is available only for Android devices

This migration requires ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 3.5+ and ESET PROTECT version 10.0+

Migration of managed iOS devices requires manual de-enrollment in ESET PROTECT and enrollment in ESET PROTECT Cloud

1.Open the ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console.

2.Click More > Settings > Migration of Mobile Devices from ESET PROTECT (on-premises).

3.Select the License you want to use for the managed mobile devices activation after the migration finishes.

4.Select the Parent Group for the initial placement of devices after the migration.

5.Token usage limit—You can limit the number of devices for migration with the migration token.


If you manage a large number of mobile devices, we recommend that you first try the migration process with a small number of devices to monitor that the migration has no issues. Then you can follow up with the migration of the remaining managed mobile devices.

6.Select Generate Token to generate a Migration token with set parameters for the migration process.


The generated token is valid for 14 days and is only available while you remain on the page. Do not close or refresh the page before first copying the token.

7.The migration token appears as a string of characters in the field below. Copy it into a text editor.

8.Open the ESET PROTECT (on-premises) Web Console.

9.Click Policies > New Policy.

10. In the Basic section, fill in the policy's Name and Description. This policy will migrate the currently managed mobile devices from the on-premises environment to the cloud environment.

11. In the Settings section, select ESET Mobile Device Connector.

12. Under General > ESET PROTECT Cloud migration, paste the migration token into the Migration token text field.

13. In the Assign section, select the device running the Mobile Device Connector.

14. After the policy is applied, the migration process will begin.


The server will apply the migration policy to every managed mobile device that will connect from this moment. Ensure that all your managed mobile devices can connect to the server while the migration token is valid (for the next 14 days). If a managed mobile device does not connect to the server in this period, it will not be migrated, and you will need to repeat the migration procedure.

15. You can monitor the migration process in the ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console. After the mobile device is migrated, it will connect to the ESET PROTECT Cloud, and it will be visible in the Computers section of the ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console.

16. After successfully migrating the device to the ESET PROTECT Cloud environment, you can safely remove it from the ESET PROTECT (on-premises) Web Console.

17. After successfully migrating all mobile devices to the ESET PROTECT Cloud environment, you can safely decommission the Mobile Device Management component.