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Troubleshooting - Agent connection

When a client computer does not appear to be connecting to ESET PROTECT Server, we recommend that you perform ESET Management Agent troubleshooting locally on the client machine.

By default, the ESET Management Agent synchronizes with ESET PROTECT Server every minute. You can change this setting by creating a new policy for the ESET Management Agent Connection Interval.

Check the latest ESET Management Agent log file. You can find it here:






/Library/Application Support/com.eset.remoteadministrator.agent/Logs/

last-error.html – protocol (table) that displays the last error recorded while the ESET Management Agent is running.

software-install.log – text protocol of the last remote installation task performed by the ESET Management Agent.

trace.log – a detailed report of all ESET Management Agent activity including any errors that have been recorded.


To enable full ESET Management Agent logging in the trace.log file, create a dummy file named traceAll without an extension in the same folder as a trace.log and then restart the computer (to restart the ESET Management Agent service).

status.html – a table showing the current state of communication (synchronization) of ESET Management Agent with ESET PROTECT Server. The log also contains HTTP Proxy configuration, a list of applied policies (including the applied exclusions), and a list Dynamic groups to which the device belongs.


We recommend that you read our Knowledgebase article about using the status.html file for Agent connection troubleshooting.


The most common issues that can prevent the ESET Management Agent from connecting to the ESET PROTECT Server are:

Your Internal network is not configured properly. Make sure that the computer where ESET PROTECT Server is installed can communicate with client computers where ESET Management Agent is installed.

Your ESET PROTECT server is not configured to listen on port 2222.

DNS is not working properly, or ports are blocked by a firewall - check our list of ports used by ESET PROTECT, or see our KB article What addresses and ports on my third-party firewall should I open to allow full functionality for my ESET product?

An erroneously generated certificate containing false or limited features that do not match the public key of ESET PROTECT Server Certification Authority is in place - create a new ESET Management Agent certificate to resolve this.