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ESET Management Agent Deployment

This section describes all available methods you can use to deploy ESET Management Agent on the client computers in your network. It is very important because ESET security solutions running on client computers communicate with ESET PROTECT Server exclusively through the Agent.

Add client computers to ESET PROTECT structure

Before you can start managing client computers in your network, you need to add them to ESET PROTECT. Use one of the methods below to add them:

Active Directory synchronization

RD Sensor

Add new devices manually

ESET Management Agent deployment

ESET Management Agent deployment can be performed in a few different ways. You can deploy the Agent locally or remotely:

Local deployment - Install ESET Management Agent and ESET security product locally on a client computer.


We recommend that you only use local deployment if you have a small network (up to 50 computers). For larger networks, you can Deploy ESET Management Agent using GPO or SCCM.

Remote deployment - we recommend that you use this method to deploy ESET Management Agent on large number of client computers.