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Create custom installer

1.In the ESMC Web Console navigate to the Computers menu.

2.Click the gear icon gear_icon next to the company you want to create the installer for and select Download installer.


3.You can create two types of installers:

Agent-only installer (all platforms) - You can install this Agent script installer on Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

All-in-one installer - The installer consists of ESET Management Agent and selected ESET Business security product (Windows).

If you do not see the All-in-one installer option, make sure a license is assigned to the company.

arrow_down_businessI have selected All-in-one installer

To save the installer in Installers for future use, select the check box next to Save installer in installers section.

arrow_down_businessAdvanced installer settings (recommended)


4.Click Create to create the installer.

5.Click the link and download the installer you need.