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Web Control rules

Use the Web Control policy to specify a list of URLs for three different categories:

Blacklist - Block the URL with no option or access

Whitelist - Allow access to the URL

Warning - Warns the user about the URL but gives an option to access

Each of these sections can be managed by the following actions:

Add - Add a new record with a specific URL address

Edit - Edit an existing URL address

Remove - Remove an existing report of a URL address

Import - Import a list of new URL addresses to the category

Export - Export a list of URL addresses from the selected category


For rules that control access to a given website, type the full URL in the URL field.

Special symbols * (asterisk) and ? (question mark) can be used in the URL field.

When adding a domain address, all content located on this domain and all subdomains (for example will be blocked or allowed based on the chosen action.

Another option is to Allow/Block a whole set of URLs based on their category under Category rules.

In the Category rules window, select an action for a specific category of URLs and specify which sub-category should be affected:

Allow - Allow access to the URL from a selected category

Block - Block access to the URL from a selected category

Warn - Warn the user about the URL from a selected category