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Add computers using Active Directory synchronization

AD synchronization is performed by running the Static Group Synchronization server task. It is a pre-defined default task that you can choose to execute automatically during ESET PROTECT installation. If the computer is in a domain, synchronization will be performed and computers from the AD will be listed in the default group All.


To start the synchronization process, click the task and choose Run now.

If you need to create a new AD synchronization task, select a group to which you want to add new computers from the AD.

Select objects in the AD you want to synchronize from and what to do with duplicates.

Type your AD server connection settings and set the Synchronization mode to Active Directory/Open Directory/LDAP. Follow step-by-step instructions in this ESET Knowledgebase article.



You can run the Agent Deployment server task to deploy the ESET Management Agent to the computers synchronized from the Active Directory.