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Create Agent and ESET security product installer - Windows

You can create the installer for Agent and ESET security product for Windows in several ways:

Quick Links > Deploy Agent > Windows

Installers > Create Installer


Click Windows > Download installer or use ESET Remote Deployment Tool.


The installer package is an .exe file valid for Microsoft Windows operating systems only.


1.Distribution - Select Download installer or use ESET Remote Deployment Tool.


If you have selected another installer type, follow the respective instructions:

Deploy Agent first (Agent script installer)

Use GPO or SCCM for deployment

2.Components - Select the check box(es) from the following options:

Management Agent - If you do not select other items in the Components, the installer will include only the ESET Management Agent. Select this option if you want to install the ESET security product on the client computer later or if the client computer already has an ESET security product installed.

Security Product - Include the ESET security product with the ESET Management Agent. Select this option if the client computer does not have any ESET security product installed, and you want to install it with the ESET Management Agent.

Full Disk Encryption - Include ESET Full Disk Encryption in the installer. This option is visible only with an active ESET Full Disk Encryption license.

ESET Inspect Connector - Include ESET Inspect Connector in the installer. This option is visible only with an active ESET Inspect license.


A missing ESET product check box

If the ESET product check box (Full Disk Encryption or ESET Inspect Connector) is missing or unselected automatically after you select the Parent Group, you do not have the product license or the product license is not allocated to the ESET Business Account site or ESET MSP Administrator company for which you have selected the Parent Group, even if you have access rights to the license. Allocate the ESET product license to the site (in ESET Business Account) or company (in ESET MSP Administrator). Then the ESET product check box becomes available, and you can include the ESET product in the installer.

3.Select the Participate in product improvement program check box to send anonymous telemetry data and crash report to ESET (OS version and type, ESET product version and other product-specific information).

4.Parent group - Select the Parent group where the ESET PROTECT Web Console will place the computer after an Agent installation.

You can select an existing static group or create a new one to which the device will be assigned after the installer is deployed.

Selecting a Parent group will add all policies applied to the group to the installer.

Selecting the Parent Group does not affect the installer location. After you create the installer, it is placed in the current user's Access Group. Access Group sets the object's Static Group and access to the object based on the user's access rights.

The parent group is mandatory if you use ESET Business Account with sites or ESET MSP Administrator and optional if you use ESET Business Account without sites.

5.Server hostname (optional) - Type the ESET PROTECT Server hostname or IP address. If necessary, specify the Port number (default is 2222).


The Server hostname field does not support special characters—for example, letters with diacritics.

6.Peer certificate:

ESET PROTECT certificate - A Peer Certificate for Agent installation and ESET PROTECT Certification Authority are selected automatically. To use a different certificate, click the ESET PROTECT Certificate Description to select from a drop-down menu of available certificates.

Custom certificate - If you use a custom certificate for authentication, click Custom Certificate > Select , upload the .pfx certificate and select it when installing the Agent. For more information, see Certificates.

Certificate passphrase - Type the certificate passphrase if needed - if you have specified a passphrase during ESET PROTECT Server installation (in the step where you created a Certification Authority) or you use a custom certificate with a passphrase. Otherwise, leave the Certificate passphrase field blank.


The certificate passphrase must not contain the following characters: " \ These characters cause a critical error during the initialization of the Agent.


Be aware that you can extract the Certificate passphrase because it is embedded in the installer.


7. arrow_down_business Customize more settings

8. Click Finish or Product Setup.

9. arrow_down_business Security Product

If you have selected Full Disk Encryption or ESET Inspect Connector in step 2, you can also change their settings.

arrow_down_business Full Disk Encryption

arrow_down_business ESET Inspect Connector

10. Click Finish.

11. Download the generated All-in-one installation package. Select the version you want to deploy:

o32-bit (for example, PROTECT_Installer_x86_en_US.exe)

o64-bit (for example, PROTECT_Installer_x64_en_US.exe)

oARM64 (for example, PROTECT_Installer_arm64.exe) - You cannot install the x86 or x64 version of ESET Management Agent or ESET security product on Windows ARM64.


All data downloaded from the repository (ESET repository or a custom repository mirror) is digitally signed by ESET and ESET PROTECT Server verifies file hashes and PGP signatures. ESET PROTECT Server generates the All-in-one installer locally. Therefore, the All-in-one installer is not digitally signed, which might generate a web browser warning during the installer download or generate an operating system alert and prevent the installation on systems where unsigned installers are blocked.


12. After creating and downloading the All-in-one installer package, there are two options for deploying the ESET Management Agent:

Locally on a client computer - Run the installation package file on a client computer. It will install the ESET Management Agent and the ESET security product on the device and connect it to ESET PROTECT. The ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security installer created in ESET PROTECT 8.1 and later supports Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops and Windows 10 multi-session mode. For step-by-step instructions, see the Setup Wizard. You can run the installation package in silent mode to hide the Setup Wizard window.

Using the ESET Remote Deployment Tool to deploy ESET Management Agents to multiple client computers at the same time.