ESET Password Manager

Password Manager is part of the ESET Smart Security Premium package. It is a password manager that protects and stores your passwords and personal data. It also includes a form completion feature that saves you time by completing web forms automatically and accurately.


To begin using Password Manager

Enable Password Manager

Import or create your Identities, Web accounts or App accounts.

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ESET Password Manager FAQ and troubleshooting (available in English and several other languages)


Purpose of this user guide

This user guide is primarily intended for the Windows version of ESET Password Manager. The main program window of ESET Password Manager and the settings may look different in macOS / iOS / Android operating systems.

Features and benefits

Strong passwords

The built-in password generator prompts you to create strong, unpredictable passwords. Your new login credentials are stored automatically as new accounts are created.

Automatic login to website and applications

Password Manager integrates with many web browsers and applications. One click automatically launches your favorite password-protected websites and logs you in.


Password Manager supports all popular platformsWindows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Browser integration and import

Password Manager supports all major browsers allowing you to easily import your credentials and identities from popular browsers or other password managers.

Security dashboard

Weak passwords are displayed in one place so you always know which accounts need better passwords to increase your security.

Sharing passwords with others

Password Manager allows you to securely share logins and passwords. This is a convenient and safe way to provide access to your Web Accounts in a family setting when more than one person needs access to the same account.

Two-factor authentication

Increase the security of your data by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

One click form-filling

Saves you time by inserting registration forms and online shopping cart data automatically. You can save multiple Identities for use across any number of different sites and applications, for example one for personal use and one for work.

Quick launch

Use hot keys like Ctrl+Alt+R to access your web accounts in an instant.