ESET online services

This is the landing page for and all ESET online services.

If you do not have a account, you must create one in order to access ESET online services. The following services are currently available.

ICON_PARENTALESET Parental Control for Android

Protects children from threats on smartphones and tablets. Parents can monitor their activity and respond to such requests either from the Parental portal or from their Android device.

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Using modern technologies such as geographical IP address lookup, web camera image capture, user account protection and device monitoring ESET Anti-Theft may help you and a law enforcement organization locate your computer or device if it is lost or stolen.

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ICON_ELMESET License Manager

Helps you to manage your ESET licenses. You can use ESET License Manager to activate or deactivate your product and download products to your devices. You can also use ESET License Manager to upgrade your ESET product, buy a new license or renew an expired license.

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ICON_PWMESET Password Manager

Protects and stores your passwords and personal data. Available as a mobile app and as a browser extension. This multiplatform solution is available as a part of a premium license.

Add a password store to your email or to your family and friend's emails. ESET Password Manager handles all your added password stores.

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