My devices

I do not see any devices

To protect a new device, click the +Add new device button or refer to the How to add a new device topic in this user guide.

Managed devices

All devices connected to your myESET account are listed on this screen. Each device is represented by its name and application status.


Click Show more information to get detailed information about the product and license that has been used to activate the product.

Open license

How to renew a license

Devices without issues

In this list, you find devices that are functioning properly. The security product running on the protected device is activated and updated to the latest version. The operating system is updated, and in the case of a mobile device, it is not reported as missing.

Devices with issues

In this list, you find devices that are reported to have a warning or an important notification.

Device statuses and tags

Device status


Icon-OK Protected

The device is protected, updated regularly, and the license on the given device is not expired.

important Attention required

The device reports the orange application status. This means that the ESET product is working, but there is an issue with the device.

warning Security alert

The device reports the red application status, ESET product does not work correctly.

Not active

The device did not connect to myESET for more than 14 days.
If you no longer use this device, remove it to free license seats.

Not connected

The device is protected by your ESET product but is not connected to myESET.