What client tasks are supported regarding EVS and VAH

List of supported client tasks that can be executed in ESET Remote Administrator regarding ESET Virtualization Security (EVS) and vAgentHost (VAH).


Display Message - shows up as a broadcast message, however, might break the design of console

Export Managed Product Configuration

Module Update

Module Update Rollback

Operating System Update

Product activation

Remote Administrator Components Upgrade

Set Policy (configuration)

Shutdown Computer

Upload Quarantined File


When uploading quarantined files to a shared disk accessed via SAMBA protocol that you specified in ESET Remote Adminisrator, ESET Virtualization Security mounts the disk using ntlm security mode. Make sure it is enabled for your SAMBA share.

Update detection engine



Export configuration

Operating system update

Product activation - silent seat

Product update

Remote Administrator Components Upgrade - upgrades both VAH and ERA agent


Shutdown Computer

Software install