Unregistration of current ESET solution

1.Unregister  ESET Virtualization Security from vShield Manager.

a.Open the ESET Virtualization Security console through vCenter.

b.Enter the Management Mode.

c.Choose vShield Registration.

d.Enter username and password and select UNREGISTER.


Apply the steps above also for each ESET Virtualization Security appliance in your virtual environment.

2.After successful unregistration of ESET Virtualization Security from vShield:

a.Enter the vShield Manager web console.

b.In Tree view, in Host & Clusters under Datacenters for each host:

i.Click Uninstall next to vShield Endpoint.

ii.Make sure that after successful uninstallation you see Install button again.

iii.Repeat these steps for each host in the cluster.