Creating Security Group with policy

Create a Security Group that includes all VMs, and apply a Security Policy to it that uses ESET Virtualization Security service as a security solution.

1.In your vSphere Web Client, click Networking & Security > Service Composer and then click NEW_GROUP_ICON.

2.Enter a name (e.g. AV-group) and define the dynamic membership rules or include objects manually for this group.

3.Click Security Policies and click NEW_POLICY_ICON.

4.Enter a name (e.g. EVSA-protection) and then click Next.

5.To add Guest Introspection Services, click ADD_ICON. Enter a name (e.g. ESET), select the radio button next to Apply and then click OK.

6.Select ESET Virtualization Security from the Service Name drop-down menu. Next to State, select Enabled,and next to Enforce, select Yes. Click Finish.

7.Click Security Groups, select your Security Group.

8.To apply this policy to your group, click APPLY_POLICY_ICON.


Your virtual machines are now protected by ESET Virtualization Security. To check their status, click Host and Clusters, click ESET Virtualization Security, open the EVS console and you will see the number of protected machines.