What is ESET Virtualization Security and how does it work?

ESET Virtualization Security (EVS) performs agentless anti-malware scanning of machines using VMware infrastructure. This agentless solution does not require the installation of ESET solutions on virtual machines, as all the scanning tasks are offloaded to a centralized scanning engine via VMware Tools. EVS takes advantage of the resident protection driver and dedicated TCP/IP communication network included with VMware Tools to facilitate communication with the scanner. What’s more, ESET Virtualization Security is fully integrated with VMware vSphere and automatically optimizes scanning performance based on hypervisor load. ESET Virtualization Security can be combined with other ESET Endpoint security solutions.

The ESET Virtualization Security User Guide provides useful pointers on how to deploy, configure and maintain ESET Virtualization Security in a virtual environment. This Guide is intended for experienced system administrators familiar with virtualization technology.

ESET Virtualization Security can be managed from ESET Security Management Center (formerly ESET Remote Administrator) Web Console. This allows you monitor the security status of individual virtual machines and quickly execute tasks.

Figure 1 below shows an example of a virtual environment with ESET Virtualization Security installed: