How vAgent Host works

ESET Virtual Agent Host (vAgent Host) is a component of ESET Remote Administrator that virtualizes agent entities to allow management of agentless virtual machines. This solution enables vMotion for virtual machines connected to one vAgent Host and thereby automation, dynamic group utilization and the same level of task management as ERA Agent for physical computers.

Virtual Agent Host creates a virtual agent for each virtual machine on the host. You can have multiple vAgent Hosts connected to the ERA Server in your environment but virtual machines are not allowed to be vMotion-migrated between vAgent Hosts. Each virtual agent is awakening and connected to the ERA Server regularly to check for assigned tasks or policies to be performed. By default, 64 virtual agents are active simultaneously for 1 minute periods. If there are more then 64 virtual agents, activity is cycled. If a task or policy for several virtual machines must be performed immediately (or if ESET Virtualization Security discovers an infiltration), vAgent Host facilitates execution of the task or policy prior to other periodically connected virtual machines.

Virtual Agent Host also contains a component called Multi-proxy. This component performs synchronization between ERA Server and multi-agents controlled by vAgent Host. This solution reduces network traffic and system resources used by multi-agent, so it is possible to run several multi-agents at the same time.

The ESET Remote Administrator Agent is not installed on agentless protected machines. These virtual machines use a virtualized vAgent Host and cannot be assigned all of the same tasks as machines with ERA Agent installed.

The following tasks are available on agentless machines:

identification of product components


on-access/on-demand scan and scanner properties



generating reports